Whole Chicken

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Our most versatile pasture-raised product!

Our whole chicken is so delicious and versatile! It makes a wonderful meal on its own and the leftovers are amazing for casseroles, chicken salad, chicken pie, etc. Once your done cooking it, you can make nutritious bone broth using the carcass…then use all that incredible broth in soups and other recipes.

You’ll taste the difference in this product over any chicken you’ll find in a store! These chickens are raised on our farm, outside where they can forage on grass and bugs like they were created to do. They are also moved daily to fresh pasture.

Our whole chickens typically range from 3 to 6 lbs. Please specify your preferred size.

Weight (lb)
Actual Weight 3lb
Sale Price $18.00

3 reviews for Whole Chicken

  1. Valerie Fox

    Looks fresh and delicious.. great price too

  2. Valerie Fox

    Fresh fresh and fresh.. can’t wait to pick up my order

  3. Joy Beeman

    These chickens taste amazing! So fresh!

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