Welcome to the Farm!

Welcome to Green Eggs and Sam Farm! We’re so glad you’re here. Sam has always loved being outside working. As a little boy, he found tremendous joy from a watermelon or tomato that he helped grow and he loved hunting for eggs from our family’s handful of free-range chickens. When he was 8, he got his first turkeys for a 4-H state fair project and he was hooked! When the world shut down in 2020, he was 13 and ready to get busy on his dreams! He bought a couple dozen laying hen chicks, a handful of turkeys poults and a small batch of meat chickens. He worked for another farmer at the same time and learned so much. Over the next 3 years, Sam has steadily grown his business and his product list and now he has 350 laying hens, 40 Thanksgiving turkeys, about 20 pigs and is on track to process 600+ meat chickens in 2023.

Starting a farm, whether you are 13 or 30, is not without challenges! The start-up expenses can be overwhelming…there is fencing to buy (lots of it for the rotational grazing Sam provides the animals), shelters to build, trees to cut down, poultry processing equipment to acquire, watering systems to figure out, feed to purchase. The list never ends… Sam has certainly cultivated endurance, grit and determination in this journey. He has worked multiple jobs, scavenged materials for building projects and got very creative with what he already has to work with. We’ll share about more of these challenges and how he met them on the blog so stay tuned! 

Sam farms because he loves it. He loves being outside in God’s creation, he loves hard work, he loves animals, he loves providing for our family and he loves providing for yours, too! We all do! The farm was started by Sam, but it has definitely become a family enterprise in many ways. 

Are you ready for some amazing eggs, scrumptious pork, juicy, tender chicken? Or maybe you’d like to reserve a Thanksgiving turkey? 

Sam, Becca, Rachel, and Abby. Click below to learn more About Us.