This is Sam’s family. He is the 5th of 8 kids of David & Michelle. Sam was given the not-so-easy task of cleaning up the farm enough to host his sister’s wedding in 2022…without the fear of piggies getting loose and running through the ceremony or reception!! You could say that this is the Green Eggs & Sam Farm family, but, truth be told, the oldest 3 missed most of the farm fun by growing up and moving on… SO….let’s focus in on the real crew…


This is the real Green Eggs & Sam Farm work crew!
Sam, 17, farm owner, high school junior (homeschooled), diesel mechanic in training, and the wheels that keep the farm moving!
Becca, 15,. In short, she's Sam's right arm. She fixes fences, hauls water and feed, provides lots of social interaction for the pigs, helps with rotating animals, and is part of our poultry processing crew...along with anything else she's asked to do!
Rachel, 13, is the owner of the new rabbit division of the farm named Hop to It Rabbitry. She raises Rex/New Zealand rabbits as pets and for meat. She also helps out with other farm chores and is on the poultry processing team, as well.
Abby, 8, can be found slinging 50 lb. bags onto the 4-wheeler, filling waters, playing with kitties and taking "joy rides" on the 4-wheeler.
Susie (big sis) and Michelle (mom) are the egg team, delivery crew and main market team. We could be found at the Gibsonville market during the 2023 market season, but we'll be expanding in 2024.
David is the consistently patient dad who says "yes" to lots of his kids' ideas! He can often be found helping with a farm construction project on the weekends!